Surveillance state a puzzling use of money

The last decade has seen a geometric growth in the spy force in the United States, and to judge by the new HQ here as well. The NSA complex at Fort Meade apparently has 18,000 staff parking spaces and the NSA is only part of the spook apparatus of an increasingly spooky America. It’s a blooming industry!
Nanjing Night Net

Given that terrorism is far less of a problem than civilian gun crime in America (or the road toll and public dental health here), the surveillance state is a puzzling use of staggering amounts of the public purse.

And yes, I’m aware of that hoary old circular logic that those 18,000 car spaces in Maryland are the reason the US and its decreasingly popular associates around the world are not smoking craters.

One theory, by way of explanation, has it that quite a bit of the spying is a shady, in-house gift to all those industries that people fashionably prefix with “big”.

Whatever the rationale for the bizarre upscaling, the sun now appears to have crossed the yardarm, well and truly, on what was formerly, clearly, a sunrise industry.

A question emerges: how do you gainfully employ tens of thousands of spies if they can’t spy on everyone and everything, and develop ever-more ambitious programs?

It’s a question that may even echo in Australia.

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