Penguin thrives as puggle passes on

Injured FjordlandPenguin, Bro, is hitting the pool to recover his fitness after an almost fataljourney to Australia last month.
Nanjing Night Net

The ‘teenager’has been in care with WIRES president Janine Green of Merimbula, who has aturtle pool among her facilities at the Kingfisher Motel.

She says Bro hasgained 1.3 kilograms on his fish diet and his feathers are almost healed aftera predator’s attack during the accidental journey.

“He spends 15minutes in the swim pool every day to get his fitness back up,” Ms Greenlaughed.

“There are stillanother eight weeks to go before we can release him so we are still discussingwhere to release him.”

Bro shares thepool with a Green Turtle from Queensland, whose shell was damaged in a boatcollision when she entered torpor, a sleep-like state that reptiles enterduring cooler weather.

In coming months,Ms Green expects to see more penguins splashing about as juvenile LittlePenguins from Montague Island, near Narooma, leave their nest.

“Their mum kicksthem out at this time of year and they have to fend for themselves,” she said.

“They can getinto trouble and wash up exhausted in the surf.”

The parents emptytheir nest in order to fatten up before the annual moult, when they cannotswim.

“They are huge,and they don’t like that they are naked,” Mrs Green said.

“They will oftenhide in caves and crevasses until their waterproof feathers grow back.”

In sadder newsthe powerful and poisonous bite of a goanna has killed a puggle weeks after theincident occurred.

The puggle, ababy echidna, was dropped from the goanna’s mouth when a walker startled thereptile three weeks ago.

It was in carewith WIRES president Janine Green of Merimbula who says it had been respondingwell to treatment.

“We think he mayhave had some kind of crushing injury, or an infection we couldn’t beat withmajor antibiotics,” Ms Green said.

“He was doingreally, really well but one day he looked a bit flat, that night he didn’t havehis milk, and he died overnight.”

This baby echidna or puggle sadly passed away following a rescue from the jaws of a goanna..

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