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Talented Lauriston actor, Dave Maxwell, is well known across central Victoria for his wonderful performances on stage, and now he can add ‘published author’ as a string to his bow.
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Dave has written and released an amazing novel called The Hand Within The Mirror.

The novel is based on the real life find of two mysterious 100-year-old glass plate negatives. Dave found them under a house in Melbourne along with many other boxes of photographic plates.

The two disturbing images depict a young man in separate poses, emaciated and dying.

“Once I had found the glass negatives, it was a matter of what to do with them,” Dave said. “After the experts and historians had finished scratching their heads, I felt their existence deserved something better than to sit in some dusty archive.

“The question (and there are so many) that continued to haunt me was why did this young man pose for these photographs, possibly moments before his death?

“So I decided that was where I must start the story. I decided to create a narrative for this poor soul and give a reason, (if only a work of fiction), for his decision to leave behind such powerful images.”

Dave said he had documentation from forensic and medical experts telling him that the plates were not police or medical photographs.

“The photos were taken in a private house and the subject was unrestrained and he obviously posed for them, but why? And who is the person, whose hand is reflected in the mirror behind him?”

Dave is planning a major exhibition featuring a selection of the mysterious photographs in a Melbourne gallery early next year. He hopes the exhibition and the book itself may give him some answers to the above questions.

The Hand Within The Mirror is now released and available on Amazon or LuLu and will be available at selected independent book shops.

Lauriston author, Dave Maxwell, with his book, ‘The Hand Within The Mirror’.

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