Indonesia rightly offended over no spying assurance

Indonesia has asked for an assurance that we will stop spying from trusted positions in embassies.
Nanjing Night Net

Our government has not given this assurance and Indonesia is rightly offended.

The situation has arisen following revelations by Edward Snowden that such covert and illegal spying, including phone tapping, has been widespread in Europe and in our region.

There has been a response in America and here along the lines: “Everyone is doing it and always have. Don’t you worry about that. We know best.” Well, many people are doing drugs and cheating on their income tax and tolerating some animal cruelty in abattoirs, so does that make it alright?

We can gain information from electronic sources from within our own territory, but that is not the same as abusing trust from within an embassy in another country. This makes a mockery of the visits of our diplomats whose smile is fake and deceitful in these circumstances.

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