Fund-raising will help typhoon victims

Arturo Sayas — the chairman of the Philippine-Australia Disaster Emergency Response Committee which raised about $10,000 for last month’s earthquake victims in Blacktown on Sunday — missed typhoon Haiyan by two days.
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He flew home just before Haiyan wreaked havoc on Tacloban, a city of 220,000 on Leyte Island, 580 kilometres south-east of Manila.

Mr Sayas was there to check on the condition of earthquake victims.

He said up to 10,000 people were feared dead from super typhoon Haiyan after huge tsunami-type storm surges whipped up by near record winds swept away entire villages.

Mr Sayas, who organised the fund-raising concert at Bowman Hall, said it was attended by more than 200 people.

‘‘As the money was meant for last month’s earthquake, the committee would seek permission from the Office of Racing and Gaming to send some of the money raised to typhoon victims,’’ he said.

‘‘We are planing to organise at least two more fund-raising events for typhoon Haiyan victims.’’

Mr Sayas, who is also Philippine Community Council NSW past president, said it would be holding an emergency meeting to discuss how it could further help the victims.

He said it would also be working with service organisations like Lions and Rotary to raise more money for the victims.

Past president Allan Green said he would be asking his Lions Club to make a donation to assist victims in the typhoon in the Philippines through its sister club there.

Blacktown has about 30,000 migrants from the Philippines.

The Department of Foreign Affairs said it knew of 1500 Australians currently in the Philippines but did not know how many were missing.

A UN disaster assessment team sent to the area likened the scale of devastation to the 2004 tsunami that tore through south-east Asia.

A spokesman said Haiyan hit with 315km/h winds across a 600-kilometre stretch of islands and most of the deaths were caused by storm surges.

The federal government has pledged nearly $400,000 worth of emergency aid to devastated communities and says it stands ready to do more.

Australians concerned for the welfare of family and friends in the region should first attempt to contact them directly.

If unsuccessful, they should call the consular emergency centre on 1300555135.

The path of typhoon Haiyan from the Philippines to Vietnam

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