Barro quarry approval now inevitable 

Barro’s Mt Cotton project call in by Deputy Premier Seeney is realistically an approval of the quarry project.
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You could not expect the Newman Government to call in projects and then to refuse them, regardless of community concern or objection.

Now we have Mr Dowling telling us how good the project is and softening the community up for his master’s pending approval, as he owes them a big favour for keeping him in the party considering his unforgivable behaviour.

The Newman Government does not appear to respect the principle enshrined in our political system known as “The Separation of Powers” so they are hardly likely to care about the concerns of the community.

Campbell Newman reportedly received $90k in funding from the multi-national company Sibelco for his election campaign and surprisingly Sibelco not only had its sand mining lease on North Stradboke Island returned to the original term, but received and additional bonus of an extended lease term.

Local LNP members Mark Robinson and Mr Dowling should advise the community if Barro made any donations to the LNP, their candidates or committees, or indirectly to benefit the Newman Government or the LNP either before or after the last state election to ensure at least some transparency in the Barro approval process.

Geoff Bonney, Cleveland

Laming’s ‘Palm Island’ comments insulting

BOWMAN MP Andrew Laming’s statement surely must be only part of the story (“Mining saves Straddie from becoming another Palm Island”).

Queensland is now the most favoured destination for tourists and Redlands has its eye on being part of that. It is to be hoped this label gets the retraction it deserves and does not go viral. A mined-out sand island that once had unique character is of little interest to tourists drawn to natural features.

In their support for locking in mining for almost another generation, there appears no mention from either the federal member or the chamber of commerce about the danger of tying jobs permanently to mining with no incentive to diversify or develop alternative employment, which might come from tidal energy development, marine research, etc in addition to the obvious tourism and indigenous land care or whatever they themselves propose. Perhaps the federal member did cover this?

What research or higher skills could emerge from the strategic geographical values of this sand island? In this century of changing physical environments, North Stradbroke Island will no doubt provide research opportunities across a wide range of matters and this could fit well with other Asian-Pacific countries also engaged.

Media coverage indicates at least one local indigenous Stradbroke group has not been a participant in talks with the mining company and government. This does not fit with what the community expects the process to be and creates a perception of “getting around” the matter.

I look forward to reading further reports that do justice to Straddie, its past and its future, reports that reflect vision and leadership from our elected and spokespersons.

Genevieve Gall, Birkdale

Have consideration for neighbours, please

OUR home backs onto a reserve where there is a popular bike and walking pathway.

We ask all the walkers and riders who use these pathways, particularly in the early hours and late at night to please consider nearby residents and refrain from talking at the top of your voices while going past.

And, the number of dogs not on leads has increased recently, and they are terrorising local birds and wildlife.

Michael Hawthorn, Birkdale

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